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WordPress Update

I just upgraded this website to run on WordPress 2.5 – and very swanky it is too! I was quite daunted to start off with, but safe in the knowledge I’d backed up my files & database, I forged ahead anyway. I Googled for “upgrade to wordpress 2.5” or some-such which came up with a few sites scattered around the web. Including, strangely, a link to a Moveable Type article – I seem to have stumbled upon some kind of political debacle between the Moveable Type crew and the WordPress crew. Something I know very little about!

Anyhow, for people that haven’t been enticed by that offer of gossip, the only thing I was going to say was this; there are loads of guides people have posted on how to upgrade around, but the guide on the WordPress codex did the job fine for me. My only heart stopping moment was when I thought that all of my Ultimate Tag Warrior tags had not been imported (and maybe had gone for good). Thankfully there is an Import function built in, and that was sorted quickly.

On first impressions the WordPress 2.5 changes are good, they all seem to make sense. I like it, whether Moveable Type is better or not! I don’t like the Async-Uploader that does not work.

Apart from that still good though.


As part of the process I’m going through to install WordPress on this website, I’ve now become familiar with what a track back is.

Really cool principle, I like it. Web2.0 Go! (or something)

a system in a blog whereby a related item on another site appends information from its first paragraph to the bottom of the text of the original item. Some observers cite trackback as manifestation of the interactive Internet.

From ict.tippinst.ie.

I just read a nice comparison article, between blogger.com and WordPress.com – free blog hosts. Succinct and useful!

This website, recording angst and the doldrums

I’ve set up this website. I figured it makes sense to have a singular place where I can write about my creative efforts in all the different areas I’m working. If nothing else it will help me know whats going on, let alone anyone else. I’m still working through exactly how I’m going to have the site set up, but I am very impressed with the software I’m using (WordPress, with Hemingway-Ex, plug-ins like Slickr and third parties like Flickr) it is extremely flexible, completely Open Source and hopefully will deliver!

I’ve started by transferring my Journal from September 2006 to the present on to the website, so I will now be writing here rather than through Blogger.com so that is why there are posts going back to September on here.

Incidentally – is Flickr called that as if people are looking at a real photo album and going “Ahhhhh” after each page is turned (hence the “flick” bit)?

Emotionally I’m quite tense at the moment. Since beginning University last September I’ve been gearing myself up for this summer, in which I intend to record my debut album. I’ve been wanting to do this for a good long time now, and I’ve had an agreement with Creaked Records for over a year that I will make an album with them. Having got underway (at least a little bit) I’m finding it quite stressful, which is the opposite of what I want – I started making and recording music because I loved doing it – if I can’t enjoy it whats the point. So I need to figure out a way of having great fun again.

Actually, writing about it now, it hasn’t been bad at all. Maybe I’m just taking everything too seriously.

The overall effect of the angst though, is me feeling like I’m now in the creative doldrums. Maybe I should get a pack of Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, that might help.