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Should Art “Whinge”

Having just written up my rant about Virgin Media – I got to thinking about its artistic resonance.

From what I can tell, Artists often use populist complaints, and ill-feelings, as a basis for “the message” of their art, whatever their art form may be. It could come from war, famine (or any of the other horsemen) or falling out of love, losing something, feelings of despair; anything really. You also get the inverted side of it, you get artists making work that reflections populist (and personal) ‘good things’ that happen, love, wealth, beauty and so on.

I’d love to make something representing the inherent difficulties consumers face, in my case with Virgin Media ripping me off most recently, but also Vodafone, Three (mobile network), insurance companies, banks; all of them seem to insist on making life much more difficult.

Still. It seems trivial in the bigger picture, at the end of the day I’m pretty well off, I live a good life, I’m healthy. I should be content.

I declare this “waffle”.