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GPS Success

I’ve purchased a bluetooth GPS device for my mobile phone. The purpose, to geo-tag my digital photographs, so that all of them can appear on any compatible mapping software. This applies to Google Earth (and maps), Flickr.com and other sites like smugsmug.com.

I already have a page for my photobombing project to include geo-tagged photographs – using the website loc.alize.us.

Anyway, I’ve had some success, its taken a few days but I’ve finally managed to create a Google Earth file containing correctly geo-tagged photographs from a trip I took yesterday. Fantastic! See here…..

GPS with Photos

If you’re interested in doing this yourself, I suggest reading this page; http://hikesandbikes.blogspot.com/2006/10/life-of-geolocated-blog-post.html – its a very thorough walk through of how to set all this up.

Also, many thanks to Ed, of blogEd.co.uk and Tommi Laukkanen. Ed wrote a blog entry about Carling beer taps, which I landed on very randomly. Then I read his article about GPS tagging photos, using a Java enabled phone and Tommi Laukkanen’s “Trail Explorer” application – a very useful program that logs your geo location as you go and exports to a .GPX file.

Also this is fun opportunity to send another trackback :o)


As part of the process I’m going through to install WordPress on this website, I’ve now become familiar with what a track back is.

Really cool principle, I like it. Web2.0 Go! (or something)

a system in a blog whereby a related item on another site appends information from its first paragraph to the bottom of the text of the original item. Some observers cite trackback as manifestation of the interactive Internet.

From ict.tippinst.ie.

I just read a nice comparison article, between blogger.com and WordPress.com – free blog hosts. Succinct and useful!