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Spam Art is Go

I’ve rigged up a pretty good version of what I want to do with my spam based project. Spart is the name I’ve coined, rather unimaginatively. Since I’ve got so far with it, I think I’m going to give it a dry run, mainly to see what kind of result I get, and hopefully provoke a good reaction from the (potential) “victims” of my mailings. My previous post about spam and art is here.

Hang on! I got an email….. what does it mean?

Firstly sorry again if this has brought you to annoyance and if you wonder how I did this; your email address exists on the world wide web, somewhere. It doesn’t mean too much on its own. If you would like for your email address to be removed from the system, there is a link at the bottom of any emails you have received from me.


I’m asking anyone who receives one of my spam emails (or anyone else) to contribute a short message to the project. These contributions will then in turn make up the content for my next mass-mailing. Ultimately I would like the system to be completely self contained – so all the messages that are sent are generated by other people who (at one point) received a message. I will then place the computer(s) running the system into a gallery, and display all outgoing and incoming messages that it generates. This is a little way off, b ut not impossible.

Use this form to add your message to the spam system. Anything that gets sent out will be moderated, so there’s no point including any obscenities in it. If you would just like to leave a general comment click here.


Original Spart Email

This is the content of the email that I sent in my preliminary spArt tests…..

I’m an Art Student, in Manchester (UK).

I’m mainly interested in working with computers, technology and the web – and finding interesting subjects within those areas to base my work on.

This will form part of my creative process.

I (literally) just had the idea of putting a computer in an art gallery, connected to the internet and constantly trawling the web for email addresses. This is exactly the same process that some internet marketeers (as they might like to be called) otherwise known as “spamsters” use to gather some of the email addresses that form their spam lists.

My motives however aren’t to lure people into a scam or for some other commercial purpose. I’d like to see if I could have a computer that is constantly collecting new email addresses, and that would also receive a constant stream of replies – as the message is worthy of response, and is not spam.

All the responses would be displayed on the computer in the art gallery.

Something along those lines anyway……

As a sort of preliminary dry run, I’ve just gathered 500 email addresses from the web and I’m testing out the idea with them. If you’re reading this, then you were one of the 500 I got in my initial run.

Do you understand the idea? If so what do you think?

Any thoughts would be great!

Also, if you want to find out a bit more about me, have a look at my website; archive.joesart.org (however watch out, its kind of a work in progress….)

Many thanks! And I apologise for filling up your inbox :o)