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Cutting Room Experiment; My Entry

I’ve entered this interesting competition; it’s asking for concepts for 12 flash mobbing events, to be held in Manchester in July. ┬áMy idea is for all of the attendants to take photographs simultaneously on their mobile phones, and then blutooth them to a central hub to be displayed on a big screen. Vote for me here.

Spy Phone

I recently purchased a modified Nokia phone, that lets you set it into a “spy mode” – whereby the phone appears to be off but will actually automatically answer any incoming phone calls; without any visible signs. Its designed for un-trusting types to spy on their friends, employers or loved ones. Fortunately, I’m in a position where this is not by primary intention!

I thought it would be cool to do some kind of interactive art work with it. When my University tutors asked me to look at the Urban Legends stories, I thought it’d be fun to create an Urban legend of my own. It would start, in lavish style, in a toilet. Graffiti on the walls tells the story, and concludes with a “real world” factor – a phone number. If anyone is inclined to phone the telephone number, they would be connected to my subversive spy phone – which resides in an undisclosed location. What the caller is listening to is…… in the eye of the beholder. I guess.

Public Art; Large Scale

I just saw a post on Pinktentacle.com about making crop circle-esque images in rice paddys, in Japan.

Rice Paddy Art

Its really cool. Everyone should do it, on different levels. Farmers with fields, architects and town planers with buildings, streets and parks, “ordinary people” with their houses, gardens, cars and selves.

World Collage.

How does one start a thing like that?

On the subject of public art, I stumbled across a blog entry about attempts to cut the public art funding in Florida. Hear, hear to the writer I say!