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Reflections on (cyber) sustainability

I watched the film Age of Stupid last night which documents the precarious position that, due to climate change, we are in. I recommend it, it’s a good watch (if a little in your face). Franny Armstrong is behind the film, and part of why I watched it is that I’m going to a seminar she is presenting on Saturday.

Anyhow. The reason for the blog post isn’t really related to the film, or to Franny… but watching the film made me remember this piece that I wrote, Reflections on sustainability and cyber sustainability – Can’t we just do something? Today? The piece may not make a great deal of sense when read alone – you really had to attend the lectures that it was in response to (the lectures were presented by Stuart Walker, and Bran Knowles- see here, here, and here) – but nonetheless I’ve added it to my archive of outputs generated from the HighWire MRes year.