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Florian Dombois; Auditory Seismology

Some of Dombois’ work was outside of these points, but the main body was based on these principles.

  • Turning inaudible earth tremors into something we can actually here.
  • Comparing the same tremors from different points on the globe.
  • Dombois originally a scientist, was not interested, so turned to the arts

I was impressed with Dombois’ work – a nice idea and something unusual. I left with a good feeling. My one problem was how confined the work was, given the potential for exploiting (or exploring) the many possibilities it offers.



I was also intrigued: I’m sure many people have worked with converting inaudible signals into audible ones. There must be some interesting possibilities beyond how earthquakes can be transformed into an audible noise. It got me thinking to light; each colour in the spectrum corresponds to a specific wave length. Do a simple division on the wavelength, interpret that as the frequency of a sine wave and there you have a perfect light-sensitive sound machine. Although I haven’t researched it as yet, I’m completely confident that somebody has done this before. Still, I think it might be a fun experiment to try.

I’ve been working with my friend Zimmy to develop an audio element to his light / feedback experiments; maybe a machine like this would be perfect for that.