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Technorati searches blogs, millions of them, this one included. Its in competition with Google and Yahoo et al.

Very useful tool, should use it more. Advantagous over WikiPedia in its basis in opinion and thought, rather than pure facts and citations.

Having just written that I decided to use it, and vaguely entered some search terms. It yielded relevant, interesting and useful results immediately. Brilliant! I discovered the Arduino board, which is a little electronic circuit you plug into your computer via USB, it has a number of connectors, which you can plug just about anything into. On the Arduino website there are many examples of interactive installations people have put together using the Arduino – and it interfaces seamlessly with Max/MSP which is also interesting. Potentially knowing of it will allow me to follow up on some of my more challenging concepts.

I discovered the Arduino after landing on a journal belonging to a student in a similar position to myself, also studying in England. He and his friends were trying to utilise Arduino and Max/MSP to create a self-contained installation that takes shadows cast by the sun as input and outputs audio and video. It sounded good, if a little far fetched. I’ve enquired as to the outcome.

Showing Off

Despite having the first obstacle of handing in my journal in a few days, my head is filled with ideas and mulling over exactly what I’m going to do for my end of year show. I’ve definitely put my eggs in the Max/Msp audio installation basket, but I really want to represent my other activities from throughout the year.

Autotalk installation, Max/MSP program so far.

Ideally I would like a whole room to myself, with large speakers strategically positioned for my audio installation. Then I would pepper the walls and any other surfaces with printed photographs taken throughout the year but with gaps in the photos to project video work in. Over and above that I do have some interactive audio and video things that I’d love to make publicly accessible.

Having accepted that I don’t have the time, space or funds to do that I’ve decided to explore the possibility of making a photograph trail from the foyer of my University building up to the studio and exhibition area. Arranged in chronological order it would very simply recount the last year of my life through all (that’s several thousand) the photos I’ve taken. It would link really nicely with my Time video piece, which uses all the photos taken from when I started University to the Winter.

Need to check out how they could be attached to the building, if I would be allowed, how much all the prints would cost. Et cetera.

Things since the end of 2006. Self-described.

Lemurs & Genius

I’ve written about the Jazz mutant Lemur a couple of times in previous posts, its an interactive control system for computers. Discussing it on a chairlift in France with my brother, he said he’d email me a link to a control system he’d seen. Similar to a sequence in the film “Minority Report” with Tom Cruise.

Its a system where you fully interact with a screen, using gestures (even body movements) to control a computer that then shows the result on the screen. It really can’t be described properly, but I suggest you take a look at the video which is online here; http://multi-touchscreen.com/perceptive-pixel-jeff-han.html

The best thing about it is that the whole system was put together by a boffin and “about a ton” of hardware in his bedroom. Anything is possible!

Space Invasion. I found this rather unique key in my old house. I’ve always wondered if it was brought to earth by an alien race invading our planet. Maybe…..