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WordPress Update

I just upgraded this website to run on WordPress 2.5 – and very swanky it is too! I was quite daunted to start off with, but safe in the knowledge I’d backed up my files & database, I forged ahead anyway. I Googled for “upgrade to wordpress 2.5” or some-such which came up with a few sites scattered around the web. Including, strangely, a link to a Moveable Type article – I seem to have stumbled upon some kind of political debacle between the Moveable Type crew and the WordPress crew. Something I know very little about!

Anyhow, for people that haven’t been enticed by that offer of gossip, the only thing I was going to say was this; there are loads of guides people have posted on how to upgrade around, but the guide on the WordPress codex did the job fine for me. My only heart stopping moment was when I thought that all of my Ultimate Tag Warrior tags had not been imported (and maybe had gone for good). Thankfully there is an Import function built in, and that was sorted quickly.

On first impressions the WordPress 2.5 changes are good, they all seem to make sense. I like it, whether Moveable Type is better or not! I don’t like the Async-Uploader that does not work.

Apart from that still good though.

Geocaching; Personal Procrastination

I’m becoming increasing frustrated with my inability to record my music in a efficient manner. Procrastination is a big problem as is occasional lethargy. Also I find it difficult to defer my desires to mess about with my various other projects that are on-going.

Today’s procrastinative displacement activity is giving some much needed attention to this blog.

Photobombing has attracted some comments from various people on the internet and is still smouldering away by itself, which is really encouraging. I really want to get it properly sorted, so its a more cohesive system and accessible to anyone (which unfortunately it is not at the moment). I think that is going to involve quite a lot of re-learning how to program – but should be fun in its own right.

I was particularly pleased yesterday when I stumbled across Imran Ali’s blog and his post about photobombing. Its so good to see/hear/know that people other than myself are attracted to the concept. Imran summated photobombing with this, it isn’t quite correct (I don’t think) but this is probably how photobombing should operate:

I guess it’s basically the inverse of geotagging, rather than tagging a digital map with digital photos, you tag a physical place with real photos :)

A (cool) twist of fate is that he discovered the concept of photobombing via geotagging which is something I’ve been extremely interested with lately.

Speaking of geotagging, I’ve finally got my mobile phone/bluetooth GPS and camera combination to work smoothly, so in future I can ensure all my photographs will be geotagging automatically. But I’ve also discovered the phenomenon of geocaching. What am amazing thing this is. A network of “cachers” maintain thousands of caches throughout the globe. A cache can be any sort of container, and will contain a log book and official geocaching.com paperwork. Sometimes there are gifts inside, or puzzles, riddles, clues to find another geocache – anything! Anyhow, all the cache’s and their GPS co-ordinates are available on the website and anyone who so wishes can go in search of them. Its great fun, I recommend it to all.

I am certainly going to combine my photobombing escapades with geocaching.

Sometimes I wish time went twice as slow, or me twice as fast.