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Baker Tilly Competition

I won! I found out quite a while ago actually. My pitch for the HDR photographs did the trick and I was selected. I actually installed my finished images at the Baker Tilly offices lastweek, and they seem very happy with them. I elected to install 3 images (see below).

My work ┬áis sharing a room with Rachel Louise Evans’ work (below) – her work is constructed from 18,000 paper clips..!

Rachel & Nigel

Baker Tilly Comp

I’m going to pitch some HDR photographs to Chartered Accountants Baker Tilly. The concept is to show Manchester financial architecture, new and old, in stunning HDR.

I visited the site of Baker Tilly’s offices last week to get a feel for the place, it’s around Hardman Square in Manchester. I only managed to take 2 shots before being moved along by a security guard. It was still useful to get some test shots and have a look at the site. These aren’t actually HDR, but are “pseudo-HDR” generated from single RAW files.