Doodle Bogging

I had this idea during the Christmas break, 2008. I’d been explaining my course, my practice and my thoughts to a good friend I hadn’t seen in some time. It was one of those concepts that arrived, fully formed in my head. What little “development” needed to take place happened as a stream of consciousness; probably fitting for “doodle” based project.

Doodle Bogging Galleries

So- Doodle Bogging, in its simplest form, is putting a book into the bathroom (‘bathroom’ so as not to suggest actually putting the book in the toilet bowl) or toilet room. Anyone that uses the toilet is invited (by way of a sticker on the front of the book) to contribute their doodle. The toilet aspect, isn’t key to the artistic aims, it is more of a “proxy” to allow the whole thing to happen. It is nice to see some bathroom & toilet doodles, but they’re not the sole preserve of the project.

Ignorance is Bliss

Doodle from Uni, from the stolen book

I’ve given out a fairly small number of the books, 9 or 10 I think, to my friends and aquaintances. As they fill up I’m going to collect them back up, document them here, and ultimately put them into some printed books. These books will start the second generation of Doodle Bogging. Some of the pages in the books will be left blank to allow those in possession of a second generation Doodle Bog Book to contribute their own doodles. Augmentation of existing doodles is also encouraged.

As well as using my personal network of people that I know, the aim is to put some Doodle Bogs in public toilets, specifically at University. I’ve developed a rudimentary security mechanism, to keep the books ‘tethered’ to the toilet cubicle, but unfortunately enterprising students don’t see this as much of a challenge, and so far 2 books have been stolen. Back to the drawing board on that one for now. Thankfully the latest theif elected to tear out the 3 pages that had already been doodled on, and leave them behind for me (one of these is the image above).