Geocaching; Personal Procrastination

I’m becoming increasing frustrated with my inability to record my music in a efficient manner. Procrastination is a big problem as is occasional lethargy. Also I find it difficult to defer my desires to mess about with my various other projects that are on-going. Today’s procrastinative displacement activity is giving some much needed attention to […]

Spesh To’ics Week {unsure}; The revelations of research

Well, in hindsight, I’m quite impressed with myself that I managed to do a weekly blog for four weeks running. It’s been…. *goes to check dates*… precisely one month since I last did a special topics reflective blog. I was insistant that I’d do it regularly.. and, well, although there’s been a several-week break, I […]

Spesh To’ics Week 3; Confronted by volume

Well this week has been a week of procrastination for me. No greatly detailed research for Special Topics has taken place. Actually most weeks are procrasto-weeks for me, in reality. Maybe that has some benefit, but maybe that’s a different subject than the one I should be writing about! I think my ‘dinosaur brain’ (a […]

Things to Do:

I’ve fostered my procrastination for this particular task for some time, despite it being requisite for the journal; making a weekly plan (weekly. . . !) Photography Print some more photos using the Mac suite at University Find out if I can get access to the Manchester University print room (this will allow me to […]

Procrastinate Daily

“journal – a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations” – according to WordNet Search on – That is what I am meant to have done. For the last, say two months, at least. This is a shot used in a film me and Bryn made during the early part of […]