Monthly Archives: February 2014

New blog


I have moved to a new URL – please go there for current and new content!


I resurrected this blog in 2012, when I began my studies at the HighWire Doctoral Training Centre, at Lancaster University. I used it relatively frequently up until the end of the summer 2013. Since then a lot has happened. My beloved sister Emma tragically died, taking her own life, something that I see as ‘dying from an illness’ – that illness was bipolar disorder. That rocked me to my core, I’d never had anything of that scale to deal with. One of my responses was to create a website in her honour, with various contributions coming from all kinds of people. You can access that site at

Also, you may want to look at Emma’s PhD thesis, which was concerned with mental health issues. If you have been touched by bipolar, or related illnesses, please read appendix one of her thesis, which addresses the experience of living with an affliction like bipolar. With the knowledge that Emma’s life ended by her own hand, the reading of this appendix is all the more poignant.

Although the loss of Emma has been, and continues to be, in the forefront of my mind, I am attempting to move on and continue with my work at the HighWire centre. Part of that is continuing to blog about issues of, and related to, my PhD studies. Rather than continue this blog, I’ve elected to start a new on, on a subdomain. The new blog will reside at

So, as far as I can tell. This is for this blog. It lasted 8 years: well done! To new beginnings.