Spesh To’ics: Week {minus some} – An end on some stuff

I one titled a tune I made ‘an end on some stuff’.. and since this is an ending it sprung to mind. The tune ended up being called Interlude to get stuff…. what the ‘stuff’ is, is up to you. It’s an instrumental piece, but here are some concluding words reflecting on my special topics experience.

In the beginning, whirlpools came
In the whirlpools, no two bubbles were the same
Out of
In rage
Some sage said “hey Joe”
“What do you know, Joe?”

I thought, who cares?

This shouldn’t be flippant
And it…. isn’t
(Supposed to be)

But the point is.. reflecting on everything…. the most difficult thing was
Remembering oneself
Remembering others

Each of those lines do mean something… I’m not going to elaborate as I’d like it to , but they’ll serve as a reminder. Special topics has been great. I’m so glad that I’ve explored the area I did (although I’m also itching to further explore some of the ideas I had in week 1!) And in fact, my masters dissertation will be on a related subject I’m fairly sure. As for the PhD itself… still not sure! :o)