Cyber faith?

My previous blog post was discussing ‘digital death’ while thinking on that subject my mind began to wander, and envisioned a way of having cyber faith. Virtual religion if you will. And, I think it’s relevant to this series of blogs. I’ve actually dabbled with something in this area before, with my Prayer 2.0 project, but what I’m thinking about now I reckon is rather more useful, and interesting.

I’d like to set up a kind of framework where anyone can create a DIY faith. Festivals, rules, belief systems…. all of these would be constructed through some kind of computer interface. Potentially the framework could be linked into systems operating in the realm of ubicomp and the internet of things. You could pick and choose elements of major religions, and weave in your own customs.

think that the majority of the (global) population actually lives somewhere between atheism and gnosticism (I’m not backing this up with any research…. unfortunately I don’t have time!). I also believe that human beings have a tendency to want ‘something more’ in their life.. some kind of spiritual element. Maybe cyberfaith is one way that this can happen. *needs further exploration*