Spesh To’ics: Presents for all

The special topics module has three marked components:

I did the presentation today, so I thought it makes sense to write some reflection about it. Firstly, I don’t think it went that well! It certainly wasn’t a complete failure, but at the same time I would have preferred things to go better.

This, is pretty much unrelated, but was a video I used in a presentation while studying Interactive Arts… I needed to sum up how the last few months had been, so I simply put all of the images I’d taken during that period into a very fast video that showed them all in chronological order. It uses an early ‘prototype’ version of the Joe Galen track Interlude to get stuff.

I was actually quite pleased with the slides I put together to support the presentation, and therefore the planned structure of my talk. I used a metaphor of various periods in history to relate to the ‘narrative’ I tried to put together: I thought it was quite neat. I also thought the content I included, and references, were the most relevant and would contextualise the research questions that concluded the presentation. 

Unfortunately I was stung by two quite fundamental issues. Firstly, and I knew this before I started, my talk was too long. I needed about 12 minutes to get through everything and the allotted time was only 10 minutes. This resulted the zero-hour decision to skip out some of the early information I intended to talk about. Secondly I hadn’t memorised my ‘script’ and I hadn’t printed the notes, so I was left to read them off my computer screen. Sadly this meant that I was in a rather unnatural position: if this were a stage show it wouldn’t have gotten good reviews. A final basic/schoolboy error was that I used my new Macbook to give the presentation, I had underestimated quite how small the text would be (due to the insanely high resolution): I could hardly read the notes!

In the end I totally failed to present the final slides, so didn’t have chance to actually explain the direction I want to take the research in, in any detail. I was quite upset that I didn’t manage to get that in, as this was really the only ‘new’ part to the presentation. I did manage to refer to some of the missing content in the questions at the end of the talk, but not in the same manner that I’d liked, and also the link to my narrative structure was missing.

So.. these are my take aways:

  • Be conservative with timing
  • Print notes
  • Test with the ‘live’ kit (to avoid the tiny-text problem)
  • Learn your script

But…. like I said….. it could’ve been a whole lot worse, so not all bad. There isn’t that much information on the slides themselves (it was supposed to be contained in the talk) but here they are anyway!