I’m back

So, I last updated this blog way back in 2009, just as I was finishing my course at Manchester Metropolitan University, studying Interactive Arts. In the intermediate time I’ve been around, doing stuff, but haven’t really felt the need to use this blog. It is titled “joesart” which is maybe part of it, I haven’t really done any “art” for a while. I did do quite a few bits after I finished University, but it never made it on here. I setup the web presence for a publically funded project called Living Positive (website now offlien), and I exhibited “Animatable” a few times (I’ll add pages with links about it soon), that has now progressed into being a wholly different kind of offering, more about that later. Finally I did manage to have a solo exhibition, that rehashed a few ideas and introduced some new ones, all around the theme of feedback. I also released my album, did a Swiss tour as Joe Galen, and worked for the NHS for 2 years…. (this is a link to “Joseph Lindley” on LinkedIn – me!)

ANYWAY, why am I updating now? Well, I’ve just started a PhD on the HighWire programme at Lancaster University. Rather than start afresh, I thought I’d follow on from where I left off on this blog. It’s exciting times.

Watch this space :o)