Monthly Archives: June 2009

MMU Degree Show

So the degree show finally closed its doors today: leaving me one extremely tired, yet elated, human being. The response to my piece was fantastic, and it was down to everyone who contributed their thoughts and doodles that it went so well. I took around 13,000 photographs over the last week, which were all included in the piece at some point or another – they’ll be posted here very soon. I’m going to exhibit the same piece at the Printworks in Manchester during July, so if you missed the degree show, come along. More info on that soon.

So. The other reason for this post is to explain the website, and provide links for people.

For Joe Galen the musician, Creaked Records, my music site, and Myspace.

For Joe Galen the artist, you’re in the right place, but unfortunately the place isn’t right! This website was originally my journal, and has slowly evolved into what it is today – a mess. Here’s some links to my favourite bits though: HDR photographs, baker’s yeast sonification, some videos.

If you want to email me… please use this form!