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Twitter Updates for 2009-02-22

  • Applied to school of sound’s international symposium in London this spring. Fingers X’d; #
  • Underachievers at Saki bar in Rusholme, maybe a good place to show stuff….. #
  • having my 352nd final cigarette and coffee :o( #
  • Playing with Processing – the programming language – it is amazing! Trying to make a dynamic bluetooth powered animation system…. :D #
  • Underachievers at Saki bar for a film night, was pretty rubbish. Viv’s videos were great though.. #
  • setup for caiti’s lost things project, check it out #
  • idea; Create a bluetooth virtual gallery, for arts viewable on mobile phone. #
  • another processing idea; use Wii remote to animate… #
  • starting to use Vimeo instead of YouTube – such an attractive interface! And high quality to boot. #
  • ..another Processing idea (related to Frankie & Wyndward’s idea); output binary stream from an analogue input #
  • People following you, in order to then spam, is a very bad idea. Go do some blog spam. #

BtAnim: Processing Animator + Bluetooth V1

I’ve spent a couple of days this week working with Processing – a programming environment designed for artists and designers. I’ve found it surprisingly fun. It happens very rarely with software, that you just identify with it straight away. It happened with me and Ableton Live, and that has culminated in my album.

Anyway. I’ve managed to create something – currently extremely unimaginatively titled BtAnim. As with a lot of my work it is really just a framework for something else to happen. How it works is this;

To begin with BtAnim just displays the starting image on the screen. Anyone who sees it can add their own frame to the animation, by taking a photo on their mobile phone and bluetoothing it to the computer. If you watch the video example here, you will see that as time goes on, more frames are added (although the video is just from my own testing) just as they will be when people are contributing their own images.  That’s it.

I thought it would work really well in a public place like a shop window or something.

Technically it is my usual mish-mash of hacking together some code in Processing, using BlueSoleil for the bluetooth component and PHP to monitor incoming files. Watch this space.

Cube Competition Entry

I’ve entered this photograph into a competition that Cube are running.

I’m doubtful whether the image will win – but apparently all of the submited images will be shown, and I think it would work well as part of a collection like that.

Wheelie and Wheels

Wheelie and Wheels