ASUS P5N-E SLI Slow Boot Problem

Just thought I’d post this incase anyone else has the same problem but can’t identify what to do to fix it. I came back to my PC today, having turned it off earlier. It appeared as if the computer was still on (despite me having shut it down) but wouldn’t respond. The same problem may happen under other circumstances also.

After I properly turned it off (by holding the power button down) when I tried to boot up again the computer was responding extremely slowly. So slow that the text on the POST screen was ‘scrolling’ rather than flashing up as it should. I feared the worst.

Happily, it was an easy fix. I don’t actually know what the underlying issue is, something to do with CMOS (the bios memory). The solution was to reset CMOS which explained in the motherboard’s manual. The basic method is remove the motherboard battery, move a jumper for 10 seconds, replace the jumper, replace the battery and hey presto, everything is working fine again.

Thank… was going to say God, but I probably mean Prayer 2.0; I don’t have a solid backup of my album (yet) – that would have been a disaster!