What would it be like to visit “Bowie World”?

This in reference to a Second Life project that I’m working on with a team from University, Clicks & Links (Second Places) and various others. This is a textual visualisation aid of what it would be like to visit this place, though I’m going to write it as if it were real, not second life. I’ve not written a “story” for quite a while, so this should be interesting….

I arrived. Suddenly and surely; all at the same time. I was definitely in “a different place”. All I could see was sky, like filming the desert with a fish-eye lens, sky and clouds rolling away forever and then into nothing. I looked down. There it was. Down. It was all down. I was on a tiny platform in the sky. Like a diving board into the abyss. Should I jump? I took a look over the edge.

It was far off, and obscured by clouds, but I could definitely make out an eye looking back at me through the clouding hundreds of feet below. Its a strange feeling when you arrive somewhere and straight away you are being watched. “Fortune favors the brave” or so they say. Despite my lack of bravery I have a love of proverbs; so I set off down toward this starring eye. Is it Sauron? Have I been transported to Middle Earth?

As I got closer it became more clear. The eye didn’t come from Tolkien’s prose and neither was it alone. Hundreds of eyes  were peering at me through the clouds, each one blinking to itself with an air of smugness. Continuing closer and I could see that the eyes were the strange surface of a planet-like sphere floating bizarrely above the ground. A strange asteroid that stopped inches short of disaster. Only what kind of asteroid’s surface is covered in eyes? After a while the creepy blinking became almost inviting.

Although obviously human in form, each eye had its own strange character, an uneasy strangeness of colour and angles. Up close I caught a glimpse at the pupil of these organic forms it was obvious this was not a natural thing; I caught sight of artifacts and objects underneath the surface of this eye-planet. Bright lights. Words maybe. I could have seen a person but I wasn’t sure.