Monthly Archives: October 2008

The State of Me

I’m having mixed fortunes with my various projects. The disposable camera that I put in a geocache in Platt Fields Park was almost full, after being there for some months; however recently I’ve been told that the cache has been ‘muggled’ (geocaching terminology) and stolen. A pain in the arse. However my ‘memory bugs‘ are going strong, at least the ones that I’ve distributed using the geocaching community are. The ones that I just released ‘wild’ went missing pretty quickly; so whoever you are, enjoy the free memory sticks.

I had aimed to re-launch Photobombing over the summer, but found myself bogged down with trying to finish the recording for my album (to meet a deadline for Creaked Records), so Photobombing has been delayed again. However I’ve reformulated quite what I want to achieve with it. Now I’m going to operate it just like a pyramid scheme; I will send a number of photographs to people that I know. With each one I will ask them to take a new photograph incorporating the original. This new image will go onto the website, and will be geotagged to show how it has travelled. Then I want the person to send the original photograph onto someone else and repeat the process. Eventually I should end up with a site that tracks the progress of these photographs in an ever expanding network, with photographic evidence the whole way a long. Why? Why not?

Prayer 2.0 is going brilliantly, I’ve ‘advertised’ the site on the web, and combined with the existing user base the site has become quite vibrant; with some extremely varied content. I’m mulling over the next stage, what to do with all of the messages; a book maybe?

Otherwise, I’ve “launched” (or more realistically, ‘tested’) The 100 Portraits; a concept where I distribute 100 photographic portraits of a person, each with a question on the back, to complete strangers and ideally at random. The aim is that the strangers will answer the questions, based on the image that they see. I tested it with the first year Interactive Arts students, by asking their tutor to hand them out. So far I’m only approaching 30 portraits that have answers, but take a look here.

Also I’m 99% done with the recording of my album, so fingers X’d we’re on for a 2009 release. Thanks Leo :o)

Also its my birthday next week. So happy 25th me!