Video Lines

I made this. It is a prototype for the full 20 minute version, which also has sound (this does not). I showed the 20 minute version at University on a large screen. I was amazed we got through the whole thing without any requests to stop it.

Branka told me that it made her sick for three weeks, with the only cure being hopi ear candles. Shit!

The idea came whist in the bath, like all the best ones do. I was reading an old edition of Artists News magazine,  something that I decided to sign up to this time last year. At the time I was riding high on a wave, having completed the technical work for my Autotalk project. I figured I could use the AN resource to find out about possible out-of-University shows and so on. 12 months later none of my good intentions have come true. Although I did apply for a comission through AN that I think I only narrowly missed out on.

Anyhow, the inspiration for this idea was just a photograph of a painting. I don’t know why but it made my jump to how I could make the video below. I got out of the bath and announced to my girlfriend and her girlfriend “I’m going to make some Art”. And I did.

This is just a prototype, and pretty lame on its own. However, it has definitely lead me somewhere productive.