Mars Bar Art (bArt?)

The (insert-any-letter-here)Art puns continue. But in all seriousness, I think I’m ready to make Mars Bars go Far, work. This was one of my very early creative ideas developed during a furious period of brainstorming just after I was offered an interview for University. My notebook was this envelope;

My first ever ideas!

Ideas 2006

The concept embodies my target of making art work that is dependent upon its audience to actually power it, and although intrinsically links to a corporate giant, its simplicity seems quite attractive. Until now – that simplicity has been shrouded by my own hang-ups about achieving the technical side of things. This is something I’m learning to check, when I encounter it, as it really can destroy my motivation. If my Photobombing trial in the summer was anything to go by, just making something work is so much more valuable than making sure its perfect. Anyway, that’s an aside!

What is Mars Bars go Far?

Take a number of chocolate bars and give them away! The twist is that each one will carry a logbook and instructions. Whoever finds one of these bars must log their find in its logbook. They are invited to eat the chocolate if they wish, and then they are asked to pass the package onto someone else (having replaced the chocolate!!)

I see it as an experiment in good-will-induction. Induction as in forced induction for car engines.

I think people would find it fun too, and tasty.

More ideas..

More Ideas 2006