Short-sharp; Shock

My dreams of making spArt into a gallery-based work, and managing to cultivate the constant evolution, input then feedback – like ouruboros; its all but dead.

Legitimacy is the problem. I can do everything thats required, I have all the tools, but the problem is that it is technically (and non-technically) illegal. Personally, this didn’t bother me, and as this person explains sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind;

Hello Joe, Interesting project. I am not entirely sure how spam can become art, but I suppose everything is art in it’s own right. There is also such a thing as “good spam”, as you mentioned. As someone actively seeking funding for a very unconventional (but VERY worthwhile) project, I have had to make use of mass email and spam, and don’t see it as an entirely bad thing at this point. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this project!

I think its probably something of an eternal catch-22. Spam, by definition, is bad. But there are legitimate, good causes that piggy-back on to it. But then, if the spammers hadn’t “made it ok” to spam, by aclimatising us to it; then we might be even more spiteful of the good spammers.

I suppose most logical people would just say this is why we have opt-in mailing lists, allowing bulk email to be sent but only to those who expressly asked to receive it. Its not a perfect solution though, by any means. I seem to be signed up to about 50 bulk mailing lists, most of which I have no interest in, and that also seem incredibly difficult to unsubscribe from. Furthermore I can’t remember signing up for a single one of them! I suspect that they were all in the small print of websites that I’ve signed up to. The other problem with opt-in lists, especially within the context of what I was trying to do with spArt, is that underlying the spam problem (but real world junk mail, and electronic mail) I actually really like receiving messages things from strangers. Be it in the post, be it in my inbox; it often cheers me up.

Alas, not everyone feels the same way.