December Work Plan

Looking Back

Its been two months since my last plan, which was broadly to research two areas for potential to work with for creative means:

  • Spam
  • Blogs

On the spam front, I went full circle with spArt. Looking back it was brilliant because of its subversiveness and despite it being a common criticism of the work I really like the fact it was “formless”. However it doesn’t matter how I look at it, spam is illegal, so I can’t do it….. unless I get even more subversive and start using distributed machines to do the emailing for me (rather than my own ISP). I think I will avoid that one. Pandora and all that. On the plus side, this background led me on to Prayer 2.0, which is now up and running.

I came up with two ideas for utilising blog technology:

  1. Loves & Hates
  2. BlogCrossing

Loves & Hates, I haven’t made this into a tangible piece of work, but the idea works great. I wondered how often people writing blogs wrote that they loved something, and likewise hate something. Using blog alerts, I had emailed to me all the references to the words “I love my” and “I hate my” from all the blogs that Google indexes (many millions). I will use this as the dataset for a piece of work.

BlogCrossing, referencing the website BookCrossing, BlogCrossings are individual USB memory sticks. Each one contains a fully working blog and the bearer is asked to make a contribution and then pass it on to someone else. The only difference is that a BlogCrossing can only be accessed by the person who has the USB memory stick. Blogging is traditionally a one writer to many reader type of relationship, this forces a one reader to many writer relationship.

Looking Forward

  • Music! I’ve been recording an album since the summer. I need to get it done for my agreement with Creaked Records.
  • Push Prayer 2.0, I need to go on a “recruitment drive” for Prayer 2.0 users. This will involve web promotion and producing fliers and so on. Potentially “installing” Prayer 2.0 on computers at University to encourage students to use it.
  • Purchase and release BlogCrossings – I need to purchase and prepare several USB memory sticks for BlogCrossing.
  • Photobombing development, dedicate time to improving and developing my Photobombing website so that it can be relaunched next year.