Prayer 2.0

I’ve never prayed. Not really. I remember sometimes thinking about whether it would be a good idea to pray, whilst walking to school. I always hit the brick wall though that I was only praying just in case God existed. Then I figured out that if he did exist then he should know my prayers already. Either way I couldn’t figure out a good reason to do it, so I never did.

While working with my spam/art concept, it occurred to me that a parallel could be drawn somehow between user-generated spam and the act of a prayer. The reasoning goes like this; one definition of Prayer (from Wikipedia) is this;

Prayer is a mental exercise and type of meditation in which the participant (the prayer) in many but not all forms of prayer attempts to loose mental connection with Earth and transport their mind to another person not on Earth. In most prayer this person is God or another deity. …

This definition is fairly non-specific, but it can be taken that when someone Prays they are trying to communicate or to impart their emotions or thoughts to another person or being – normally God.

In my model the mental exercise becomes the physical one of consolidating ones thoughts to computer-based textual information and the deity is replaced by an amorphous group of other internet users.

Prayer 2.0

I have no aversion to Prayer, but unfortunately I do find it entirely inaccessible, mainly because I’m lumbered with disbelief in God. Prayer 2.0 is an attempt at reflecting upon that and engaging others to do the same, regardless of their point of view. Maybe we can all help each other.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks writing the code, and now Prayer 2.0 lives at