Inkling for Recording

I’ve got a deadline, of September, to complete a professional-sounding recording of an album’s worth of my musical material. I had the same deadline last summer, but missed it, so I can’t really not do it and come away feeling un-aggrieved. So I’m gonna do it. So far this year I’ve hardly spent any time with my music, mainly focusing on more University-aimed work. But I have the Inkling. And I’m sure its gonna be good, so I’m looking forward to it.

Nice Swiss Writing. Note from Leo, the guy who runs the record label who are going to put out my album. He’s a lovely guy, and I think his handwriting is cool. Also I like the style of putting “Best, Leo” at the end of an email or letter.

I’m going to try and get a Variax guitar, which is a clever “modelling” guitar, hopefully giving me an expensive sound for not very much money. We’ll see…

Listened to Hot Chip’s second album, The Warning, for the first time properly. Its cool. Not quite as much character in parts, as with the first album, but it makes up for it with ingenuity in other ways. Really cool!

Hi-Fi. Play Station 2 based karaoke. Really good fun. This photo probably needs some audio accompaniment.