Thoughts from a year ago

About this time last year I was feverishly trying to put together a portfolio (from nothing, diddly-squat) to get me through my interview for Interactive Arts. The ideas that I eventually presented to Tony, all stemmed from the writing on these envelopes. I’d forgotten most of them, I should really pursue them.

One of my favourites, comes from the concept of attaching a bucket of paint to all the taxi’s in the city. Each with a hole in the bottom, slowing leaking paint, and eventually tracking where all the taxi’s go. Hopefully creating something aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Not possible I know, but maybe using GPS, similarly to how Adele Prince worked in Nottingham.

Its also really nice looking at these and seeing how my thinking has developed vastly in the last year. Although, importantly, I’m very aware that my referencing to other artists, and indeed knowledge of other artists could do with improvement. I hope during the networking activities that I’m going to undertake next year will help improve this.