Brian Eno

When I began to write my journal in earnest, I decided to follow a favourite route for producing something good. The starting point for this was searching the University library for “art” and “journal”. This yielded two results, one was spurious, the other was Brian Eno’s A Year with Swollen Appendices. This was quite a find, as I’d only days before been reading about Eno and I was really interested in his work. This I think was largely due to his status as a ex-Rock Star with Roxy Music, record producer for people including U2 and Talking Heads, as well as a highly influential recording musician and working artist. Pretty much everything I aspire to be.

It turns out from reading his book Eno appears to be something of the metaphorical anal retentive. But despite this he writes easy to read and entertaining prose, about things that normally would (appear to) be very personal to him. The insight into a successful and intelligent man’s life and the anecdotes and stories that go with are one thing, but seeing how his he produces his work and thought processes is another. I’ve used the book as a resource to dip in to as and when I feel like it, or feel like I need it. The point being I’ve always come away from it with a confidence that Eno’s thinking (I don’t think at least) isn’t too far distant from my own style and methods.

Currently I owe £4.50 in library fines. Worth every penny.