Monthly Archives: September 2006

Note to Emma

Digging through an old drawer, I came across a notebook with this page in it.

I used to live with my sister in Keighley where we grew up, an existence saturated with Emma wanting me to do more in the house.

In the note I’m trying to explain that I will put the dish washer on at some point, eventually. We’ll get there.

Its so lovely to remember those times now. I’m still really close with my sister, but looking back those times seem like the golden age in a way.

First Thing!

The first proper work we have been asked to do this year was to make a film showing the journey of an object around Manchester. To elaborate; in groups we were all given an object (seemingly random things including: a ball, plastic elephant and tape) and asked to document its journey to a set of specific locations, including galleries and museums around the city centre.

Unfortunately I didn’t really get into a group (not that they weren’t welcoming) – and I’m still not sure why. I ended up making a short film on my own, so as to not be totally lacking when we were asked to show our work. Using a Kanye West cover of “Fly Away” (I love the song) I put this together;

I used pictures taken on that day with my digital stills camera. This is the first time I’ve converted an entire film to black and white and added “old cinema” style effects; I think it does work really well despite it being something of a cliche. I would do it again, if it felt right. Also drawing on my experience of making my own music videos, and matching changes in image to key beats in a phrase or a bar, I think I managed to add to the film’s view-ability. I did try and make it much looser than my previous beat/image matching, mainly due to the jazzy nature of the backing music.

Self Portrait; this is me playing at taking pictures in a distorting mirror, at the Museum of Science & Industry. Maybe this is a representation of my emotions at the time; red, distorted, squashed, reflective.